Mersey List of losses

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Mersey List of losses

Postby Arty » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:46 pm

The Vampires
Dave Hughes - vocalist
Ted Hughes - bass gtr

Tony West one of the founder members of the Searchers has passed away aged 72.
One of the original members of the band which was originally founded as a Skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally, the band took their name from the classic 1956 John Wayne western The Searchers. The band consisted of John McNally (Guitar), with Brian Dolan (guitar) and Tony West (bass). Joe Kennedy drums Big Ron Woodbridge vocals Mike Prendergast(Pender) replaced Brian Dolan and Norman McGarry. replaced Joe Kennedy and a short time after Tony Jackson replaced Tony West.
Shortly afterwards Chris Crummey (who later changed his name to Curtis after seeing a poster about Lee Curtis) joined on drums in place of Norman and the Searchers went on to become one of Liverpool’s top bands. In later life Tony became a successful agent founding Tony West Entertainments booking many top acts throughout the United Kingdom.

Shirley Evans - Died 7-?-2010 - Born in 1932 in Birkenhead - Accordionist and singer - Worked with The Norrie Paramour Orchestra backing Cliff Richard and worked with The Al Podesta Accordion Band and The Beatles (on the unreleased, "Shirley's Wild Accordion") - Appears in The Beatles' film, Magical Mystery Tour.

Alan Sef died June 2010, Alan was drummer with many good bands in the 60s, main ones being The Shufflers and The Harlems

Ken Brown approx Died 9-06-2010 at home in Essex at the age of 70. Ken former member of the Quarrymen and also a member of the Blackjacks alongside Pete Best

Tom McGrath (aka Willie Eckerslike) - Died 5-11-2010 in St Helens, Merseyside, England - Suicide ( Comedy - Folk ) He was 38 years old - Drummer - Was a member of The Lancashire Hotpots (They did, "He's Turned Emo" and "I Want A Chippy Tea")

Beryl Flannery, died 14/11/2010 wife of merseysound legend Lee Curtis (Peter Flannery)

Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas

Ray Jones (Raymond Jones) - Died 1-20-2000 - Heart attack? ( Rock ) Born 10-20-1940 in Oldham, Lancashire - Was the bassist for Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (They did, "Little Children" and "Bad To Me").

Mick Green (Micheal Robert Green) died 1-11-2010 - born 2-22-1944 in Matlock,Derbyshire, lead guitar, with Red Caps, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Shanghai, Bryan Ferry,Van Morrison, Paul McCartney band.

The Liverbirds

Pamela Birch - Died 10-27-2009 in Hamburg, Germany ( Rock ) She was 65 years old -

Merseycat Member

Jimmy Kelly gtr ,died 22 September 2009 of cancer in a hospice, made his last appearance on stage weeks before his death, with The Chris Rimmer band

The Bar Room Boys

Harry Chambers gtr also the George Nield Trio (60s)

Davy Whitehead gtr

Hermans Hermits

Lek Leckenby (Derek Leckenby) - Died 6-4-1994 in Manchester, England - Cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 5-14-1946 in Leeds, England - Guitarist - Worked with The Heartbeats who became Herman's Hermits ( They did, "Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" and "I'm Henry VIII, I Am").

Peter Cowap - Died 7-16-1997 - Pneumonia ( Rock ) Born 6-29-1944 in Middleton, Manchester, England - Guitarist - Was a member of The Moonrakers, Deke Bonner & The Tremors, The Country Gentlemen (They did a remake of "Greensleeves") and Little Frankie With The Country Gentlemen (They did,"The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget" and "Make-A-Love") He worked with Jimmy Justice ("When My Little Girl Is Smiling").

The Abilenes

Kenny Dodd from Ellesmere Port died Aug 2009, played most of his musical career in duos with the likes of Jukebox and Twice as Nice, Kenny was an avid guitar collector

The Undertakers
Bob Evans drums died March 2009 (The Original drummer of the Undertakers, Bob Evans and the Five Shillings,Vegas Five, The Renegades, The Nightwalkers)

Ralph Webster (manager of The Undertakers and Orrel Park Ballroom)

Vera Nugent (wife of Geoff Nugent) died 23rd jan 2006

Farons Flamingos
Dave "Mushy" Cooper - Died 1998 ( Rock ) Was a bass guitarist for The Undertakers (They did,"Mashed Potatoes"), Faron's Flamingos (They did,"Shake Sherry"), The Renegades, The Pawns and Lee Curtis & The All Stars

Paddy Chambers (Patrick John Chambers) - Died 9-28-2000 - Cancer ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 4-30-1944 in Liverpool, England - Guitarist - Was a member of The Creoles, Steve Bennett And The Syndicate, The Dominoes, The Eyes, Paddy, Klaus And Gibson, Sinbad, Faron's Flamingoes and The Big Three

Pam Connelly vocals Pam took time off work as a secretary to join Farons Flamingos

Ross Sullivan keyboards Faron's Flamingos his dad was the famous race horse commentator Peter Sullivan

Mogsy Cook vocals Faron's Flamingos backing vocalist and dancer and wife of lead guitarist Pete( Greeny) Cook former lead guitar of Earl Royce and the Olympics

Arthur Hayes bass guitar Faron's Flamingos also played in many country bands, made his last appearence with Farons Flamingos 2 weeks before his death

Vic Grace lead guitar Faron's Flamingos also Danny Havoc and The Ventures, The Secrets

David Blackstone lead guitarist of The Tabs also a member of Gerry DeVille and the City Kings, Johnny Guitars Hurricanes, B.A.D, Dave Blackstone band, Farons Flamingos. Big Three

The Dresdens Gerald Keegan (vocals/rhythm gtr) died dec 2008 The Dresdens

The Addicts

Steve Duggan - Died ???? in Widnes ( Rock ) rhythm guitarist- Was a member of The Addicts (They did, "Thats For Sure").
The Atlantics Skiffle group

Ron Higginson The Atlantics Skiffle group

Ken Hardy The Atlantics Skiffle group

John Lomax The Atlantics Skiffle group

Pete Best Four

Tommy McGurk lead guitar Pete Best Four , After his controversial dismissal from the drummers seat with The Beatles in August 1962, Best joined another Liverpool group, Lee Curtis & The All Stars. This band included both Waddington and Bickerton and after breaking away from Curtis, they added rhythm guitarist McGurk, and re-named themselves after their most famous member in September 1963.Signed to Decca, the debut, "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door", was produced by Mike Smith - ironically the man who had recorded the Beatles Decca audition the year before. After the failure of the single Decca dropped them.

The Blackwells

Roy Little - Died ???? ( Rock ) Played drums - Was a member of The Ravens and The Blackwells (They did, "Why Don't You Want Me" and "Love Or Money"). The Blackwells they appeared on The Gerry and the Pacemakers Film Ferry Cross The Mersey

Phil Brady and the Ranchers

Bob Frost drums , Phil Brady and the Ranchers, in 1962, built a reputation in the north-west despite the fierce competition from beat music. They were featured on Decca's 1965 album, Liverpool Goes Country, and Brady recorded the first single ("An American Sailor At The Cavern") for the Cavern club's own label. Because the Cavern went into liquidation, most copies went to the official receiver, and it is the UK's most collectable British country single. Phil Brady And The Ranchers became nationally popular through the BBC programme Country Meets Folk. He went to Nashville in 1968, played Grand Ole Opry, and recorded Songs Of Nashville on his return. They toured the UK with Buck Owens and Slim Whitman, and their instrumental, A Little Bit Country, was recorded at Joe Brown's studio with Brown on fiddle. The tear-jerking "Little Rosa" is his most requested number, and other popular singles include "The Exeter Bypass" and "Let The Whole World Sing It With Me

The Blue Mountain Boys

Andy Dwyer lead guitar The Blue Mountain Boys

Billy Cooper steel guitar The Blue Mountain Boys

Kenny Navies bass guitar The Blue Mountain Boys

Tommy Brownell drums The Blue Mountain Boys also stood in with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

John E Paul vocals Johnnie Paul The Dee Jays The Blue Mountain Boys

The Buzz Brothers

Bernie Wenton died April 2002 won Stars in Your Eyes as Nat King Cole and member of the Buzz BrothersLiverpool� Bernie Wenton has died after a battle with cancer. The much-loved singer, who was crowned Stars in their Eyes champion with his performance as Nat King Cole, passed away peacefully at home in Toxtethaged 59. Friends described grandfather Mr Wenton as "a wonderful guy".Fellow performer Ray Amando said: "He played in bands, was a vocal teacherand sang - he was a great, fun guy, a personality. It's so sad to lose him.In show business there are a lot of people who are affected, but there wasno side to Bernie. He always had a smile on his face and he did a lot of charity work. He was only diagnosed with cancer last year and was having treatment, but it spread. He couldn't work because of his illness and everyone rallied round, holding gala nights. They've been so kind." Mr Wenton was born and brought up in Toxteth. His day job was as a bricklayer, but music was his passion. His father was a musician and three of the Wenton brothers - Bernie, Willy and Bobby --formed the Buzz Brothers. The group is named on Mathew Street's Wall of Fame outside the Cavern. Duringthe 1960s Bernie performed with many well-known Liverpool names but it wasin 1991 he found fame as the winner of ITV's Stars in Their Eyes, latertouring all over Britain and abroad. Second wife Trisha and four children survive Mr Wenton.

The Blues Angels Derek Armstrong The Blues Angels

The Cryin Shames

Charlie Crane vocals The Blues Angels later with The Crying Shames

Mike Parker lead guitar The Bumblies

Joey Kneen lead guitar The Cryin Shames

Jimmy Ryan lead guitar The Cryin Shames

Norman Eastwood. Manager/roadie with the Cryin Shames and Bumblies.

Cass and the Cassanovas

Brian Casser vocals Casser had originally led one of Liverpool's leading groups, Cass & the Cassanova's, from 1959-60. The other members of the group ousted him and became the Big Three. He moved to London in 1961 and became the manager of the Blue Gardenia club in Soho. In 1963, after the Liverpool groups had exploded in a big way, he decided to put another group together and formed the Engineers. Clapton and McGuinness were only with the band for a few weeks and Casser brought in David Coleman and Roger Cook to replace them.They only released one single in Britain before moving to Germany where they proved more popular under the name Casey Jones and the Governors, having several chart entries and recording two LP's for the Gold 12 label. 1963 One way Ticket/I'm Gonna Love

The Clayton Squares

Les Smith sax The Clayton Squares

The Spinners folk group

Cliff Hall (Clifford Samuel Hall) - Died 6-26-2008 in Adelaide, South Australia ( Folk ) Born 9-11-1925 in Oriente Province, Cuba - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Spinners (They did, "The Family Of Man" and "Liverpool Girls") - Worked with Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders ("Game Of Love").

Ian and the Zodiacs

Ian Edwards - Died 10-23-2007 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 10-13-1943 in Crosby, Liverpool, England - Singer - Led Ian And The Zodiacs. his band were true legends and who made a big success in Hamburg, the amazing thing is that he didn't make it in England as big as he should have done. Ian also had a small stint as a member of the FOURMOST. I liked Ian a lot he always had a nice handshake and friendly word for me when we met up. And like many others I will miss

Peter Griffiths lead guitar Ian And The Zodiacs DIED ON HIS MOTORBYKE

Dale Roberts and the Jaywalkers

George(Dale) Roberts (Dale Roberts) - Died 1-?-2007 ( Merseybeat - Pop ) He was 68 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Jaywalkers, The Four Originals and The Merseycats - He sang once with The Beatles ("Feel So Bad") and his group The Jaywalkers supported The Beatles first appearance at The Cavern Club. George had been lead vocalist with Dale Roberts and the Jaywalkers for 43 Years and one of the longest surviving bands from the Merseybeat era.

Phil Howard bass guitar Dale Roberts and the Jaywalkers Phil was one the nicest guys that I have had pleasure to know when we have met a various charity shows, and a man with a great sense of humour

Sonny Webb and the Cascades

Joe Butler (Joseph Butler) - Died 5-?-2007 - Pancreatic cancer ( Country ) Born 11-12-1939 in Speke Liverpool, England - DJ and guitarist - Was a member of The Hillsiders - Worked with The Country Three, Sonny Webb And The Country Four and Sonny Webb And The Cascades

Gerry Gilbertson rhythm guitar Sonny Webb And The Cascades

Gerry and the Pacemakers

Freddie Marsden (Frederick John Marsden) - Died 12-9-2006 in Southport, Lancashire, England ( Merseybeat ) Born 10-23-1940 in Dingle, Liverpool, England - Drummer - Was a member of Gerry And The Pacemakers (They did, "How Do You Do It" and "You'll Never Walk Alone"). I told Freddie he was a big influence on me as a drummer and he said you can't be much of a drummer if you copied me, I told it was your stage presence that influenced me most, he always looked liked he was having a ball.

And now a Very nice man has gone and I will miss him, I always loved meeting up with

The Kirkbys

Jimmy Campbell (James Campbell) - Died 2-12-2007 in Liverpool, England ( Mersey Beat - Psychedelic ) - Born 1-4-1944 in Liverpool, England - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "When I Cross Your Path") - Was a member of The Panthers, The Kirkbys (They did, "It's a Crime" and "Don't You Want Me No More"), 23rd Turnoff (They did, "Michaelangelo") and Rockin' Horse - His songs have been recorded by Billy Fury ("That's Right That's Me"), The Swinging Blue Jeans ("Keep Me Warm Til The Sun Shines") and The Merseys ("Penny In My Pocket").

Alby Power bass guitar Was a member of The Panthers, The Kirkbys (They did, "It's a Crime" and "Don't You Want Me No More"), 23rd Turnoff (They did, "Michaelangelo")

The Almost Blues

Sol Raye - Died 3-31-2006 in London, England - Cancer ( Standards ) Born 1934 in Christianburg, Guyana - Singer - Led The Worlds End Band. In Liverpool he was with The Almost Blues

The Swinging Blue Jeans

Les Braid (William Leslie Braid) - Died 7-31-2005 in Liverpool, England - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 9-15-1937 in West Derby, Liverpool, England - Played bass guitar and piano - Founding member of The Bluegenes which became The Swinging Blue Jeans (They did, "Hippy Hippy Shake" and "It's Too Late Now").

The Quarrymen

Eric Griffiths (Eric Ronald Griffiths) - Died 1-29-2005 in Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland - Pancreatic cancer ( Skiffle ) Born 10-31-1940 in Denbigh, North Wales - Played guitar and sang - Was a founding member of The Quarrymen who would later become The Beatles - Worked with John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Ivan Vaughan - Died 8-16-1993 - Parkinson's disease ( Skiffle ) Born 6-18-1942 in Liverpool, England - Bassist - Worked with The Quarry Men - He introduced John Lennon to Paul McCartney.

The Searchers

Chris Curtis (Christopher Crummy) - Died 2-28-2005 in Liverpool, England - After a long illness ( Merseybeat ) Born 8-25-1941 in Oldham, Lancs - Drummer and singer - Was a member of The Searchers (They did, "Needles And Pins" and "Love Potion Number 9"), The Flowerpot Men ("Let's Go To San Francisco"), Roundabout who later became Deep Purple and The Merseycats - Produced Paul and Barry Ryan. Chris's last performance I was proud to play drums for him, We did Needles and Pins that night . I will treasure that moment, I have it on video and it is the last live ever performance of Chris Curtis and I was behind him playing drums, to me a Magic Moment backing one of my heroes. Rest In Peace Chris

Tony Jackson (Anthony Paul Jackson) (aka Black Jake) - Died 8-18-2003 in Nottingham, Notts ( Merseybeat ) Born 7-16-1938 in Liverpool, England - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Martinis, The Searchers (They did, "Don't Throw Your Love Away" and "Sugar And Spice"), The Vibrations (They did, "Bye Bye Baby") and The Tony Jackson Group ("You're My Number One"

Johnny Sandon (William Beck) - Died 12-23-1996 ( Rock ) Born 1941 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England - Singer - Worked with The Searchers and The Remo Four. Sadly Committed suicide by hanging himself..

The Liverpool Scene & poet

Adrian Henri - Died 12-21-2000 in Liverpool, England - Illness ( Rock Poetry ) Born 4-10-1932 in Birkenhead, Cheshire - Was a member of The Liverpool Scene (They did, "Love Is" and "Son, Son").

The Dennisons

Clive Hornby - Died 7-3-2008 in Leeds, England - Hypoxia ( Rock ) Born 10-20-1944 in Liverpool, England - Drummer and actor - Was a member of The Dennisons (They did, "Be My Girl" and "Walkin' The Dog") They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club - He played Jack Sugden on TV's, Emmerdale Farm.

Eddie Parry - Died 1995 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Was a vocalist for theThe Dennisons (They did, "Be My Girl" and "Nobody Like My Baby") - They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Steve McClaren died 2007 lead guitar The Dennisons

Ray Scragg (Raymond Arthur Scragg) - Died 2-7-2001 - Throat cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-4-1946 in Liverpool, England - He was a guitarist and vocalist for The Dennisons (They did,"Be My Girl" and "Nobody Like My Baby") and The Dennisons 2000 (They did a remake of,"Unchain My Heart") - They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Colin Aryeety vocalist The Contrasts & Micheal Henry Group and a popular cabaret singer, Then the Dennisons

Terry Tex Carson (Allan Willis) - Died 1991 ( Rock ) Was a bass guitarist for The Dennisons (They did, "Be My Girl" and "Nobody Like My Baby") - They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Pete Kellys Solution

Ollie Halsall (Peter John Halsall)- Died 5-29-1992 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 3-14-1949 - Guitarist and keyboardist - Was a member of Timebox, Patto (They did, "Singing The Blues On Reds") and Boxer (They did, "Dinah Low") - Worked with Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno, John Cale, Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes and others. Also a member of Merseyside band Pete Kellys Solution

The Breakaways

Vicki Brown (Victoria Mary Haseman) - Died 6-16-1991 - Cancer - Born 8-23-1940 in Liverpool, England ( Pop - Rock ) Singer - She was a member of The Breakaways, The Seashells (They did, "Maybe I Know") and The Tree People (They did, "It Happened On A Sunday Morning") - Worked with Jon Lord, Roger Waters, Alvin Lee, Bryan Ferry, Chris Farlowe, Manfred Mann, Elton John, Steve Marriott, Love De-Luxe, JJ Barrie ("No Charge") and Cerrone - She was married to singer and musician Joe Brown - Mother of singer Sam Brown.

The Cavern

Beryl Adams - Died 3-1-2003 - Possiby Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease ( Secretary ) Born 1937 in Liverpool, England - She was a secretary for The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein and for Ray McFall, owner of The Cavern club- She also managed The Kirkbys - You can read about her life in the book, "The Tragical History Tour" to be released in the summer of 2003

Bob Wooler (Frederick James Wooler) - Died 2-8-2002 - After a long illness ( DJ ) Born 1-19-1926 (though most reference books say 1932) in Liverpool, England (Co-wrote Billy J.Kramer's, "I Know" with George Martin) - He is credited with helping to launch The Beatles after their return from Germany by organizing their first major British gig - He managed and wrote for The Kingstrums.

Alan Synter (Alan Lionel Sytner) - Died 1-11-2006 in Cannes, France - Illness - Born 2-10-1935 in Liverpool, England - Founded Liverpool's Cavern Club as a jazz and skiffle bar which once featured The Quarry Men - He sold the club in 1959 and it later became a hotbed for the Merseybeat scene

The Remo Four
Tony Ashton (Edward Anthony Ashton)- Died 5-28-2001 - Cancer ( Rock - Soul - Jazz - Blues ) Born 3-1-1946 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England - Organist and vocalist - He was a member of The Executives (They did, "March Of The Mods"), The College Boys, The Mastersounds, The Remo Four (They did remakes of, "Nothin's Too Good For My Baby" and "No Money Down"), Ashton,Gardner & Dyke (They did, "Reserruction Shuffle"), P.A.L. (Paice, Ashton, Lord) and Family - Worked with Chicken Shack and Wings

Colin Manley - Died 4-9-1999 - Cancer Born 1943 - Was the lead guitarist for Tommy Quickly And The Remo Four (They did,"Tip Of My Tongue" and "You Might As Well Forget Him").also for many years with Swinging Blue Jeans

The TTs (Tempest Tornadoes)

Ritchie Galvin (Richard Hughes) - Died 7-13-2001 ( Rock - Country ) Born 12-28-1943 in Liverpool, England - Drummer - Was a member of The Tigers and Earl Preston And The TTs (They did, "I Know Something" and "Watch Your Step") - Worked with Joe Piper, The Stringdusters and Western Union.

Lance Railton - Died 12-24-1989 ( Rock ) Was the lead guitarist for Earl Preston & The TTs (The Tempest Tornadoes) (They recorded, "I Know Something" and "Watch Your Step").

Johnny Tempest (Johnny Turner) - Died 19?? - Meningitis or brain tumour ( Rock ) He was 21 years old - Singer - Led Johnny Tempest And The Tornadoes and The TTs (Tempest Tornadoes).

Don Alcyd drums The Tempest Tornadoes

The Kubas (Koobas)

Keith Ellis (Keith Ian Ellis) - Died 12-12-1978 in Dartmstadt, Germany - Overdose ( Rock ) Born 3-19-1946 in Matlock, Derbyshire - Bassist - Worked with The Thunderbeats, The Koobas (They did, "I Love Her" and "You'd Better Make Up Your Mind"), Van der Graaf Generator (They did, "People You Were Going To" and "Firebrand"), Spooky Tooth, Juicy Lucy (They did, "She's Mine/She's Yours" and "Whisky In My Jar"), The Misunderstood, Iron Butterfly, Uriah Heep and Boxer (They did, "Hip Kiss" and "Town Drunk").

Stuart Leathwood d.2004 rhythm guitarist The Koobas (They did, "I Love Her" and "You'd Better Make Up Your Mind") The Kubas formed in 1963, and after a successful three week stint at the Star Club in Hamburg, they returned to the UK and based themselves in London with the Roy Tempest Organization. Columbia Records signed them up and their first record �Magic Potion� was released in January 1965. Their second record, �Take Me For A Little While�, was released on the PYE lable (after PYE changed the spelling of their name to The Koobas) in November of the same year, one month before appearing on The Beatles final tour of Britain. In late 1965 they signed with Tony Stratton-Smith who was very enthusiastic about them, but, despite major promotion, they never quite made the big time. Following the release of their album, �The Koobas�, in 1968 and appearing as support group on the �Jimmy Hendrix Experience� tour, they disbanded

Clay Ellis vocals Clay Ellis and the Raiders forerunners of the Kubas

Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

Rory Storm ( Alan Caldwell ) - Died 9-27-1972 in Stormville, Liverpool, England - Accidental combination of pills and drink due to his health problems ( Rock ) Born 9-21-1939 in Old Swan, Liverpool, England - Singer - Led Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (They did,"Dr Feelgood" and "Since You Broke My Heart").

Ty Brian - Died 1967 - Complications from an appendicitis operation (Rock) Born 1941 - Bassist and singer - Was a member of Rory Storm And The Hurricanes (They did, "Dr Feelgood" and "Since You Broke My Heart").

Johnny Guitar (Johnny Byrne) Died 8-18-1999 - Motor neurone disease ( Rock ) Born 12-4-1939 in Old Swan, Liverpool, England - Guitarist and vocalist for Rory Storm And The Hurricanes (They did, "Dr. Feelgood" and "America"). Johnny became a good friend and used to ask my advice on his disability, I didn't know too much about the actual condition, but I gave him advice on handling things. A sad loss of one of Merseysides Nice Guys.


John Lennon (Born, John Winston Lennon) (Legally changed to John Ono Lennon in 1969) - Died 12-8-1980 in New York, NY, U.S. - Shot by a deranged fan ( Rock - Pop ) Born 10-9-1940 in Liverpool, England - Singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter - (He recorded, "Borrowed Time" and "Imagine") Was a member of The Quarrymen and The Beatles (They did, "A Day In The Life") and The Plastic Ono Band (They recorded, "Give Peace A Chance") - Worked with David Peel And The Lower East Side, Elton John, Harry Nillsson and Frank Zappa - Married to Yoko Ono, father of musicians Sean and Julian Lennon

George Harrison (George Harold Harrison) - Died 11-29-2001 - Metastatic non-small lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 2-24-1943 in Wavertree, Liverpool, England - Guitarist, sitar player and singer (He did,"My Sweet Lord" and "All Those Years Ago") He was one of The Beatles (They recorded, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Taxman") He worked with Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne in the group The Traveling Wilburys (They did,"Handle With Care" and "End Of The Line") and also worked with Phil Spector, Jools Holland and Eric Clapton - He was a film producer working on "The Life Of Brian" and "Time Bandits" among others

Tommy Moore - Died 1981 ( Rock ) Born 1924 - He was a tour dummer for The Silver Beetles who were backing up Johnny Gentle - Worked with Stu Sutcliffe, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Stuart Sutcliffe (Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe) - Died 4-10-1962 - Cerebral Paralysis ( Rock ) Born 6-23-1940 in Edinburgh, Scotland - Was a bass player for The Beatles .

Norman Chapman - Died 1995 - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) He was 58 years old - Drummer - Worked with The Saturated Seven and The Silver Beatles, a group that later became The Beatles.

Mal Evans - Died 1976 - Shot by the Police because he was waving a gun at them after threatening his girlfriend - Born 1936 - Was The Beatles road manager and as a sometimes sound recordist and additional musician for the Beatles.

Linda McCartney (Linda Louise Eastman) (Lady McCartney) - Died 4-17-1998 in Tucson, AZ, U.S. - Breast Cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 9-24-1941 in New York, NY, U.S. - Singer, keyboardist and photographer - (She did, "Wild Prairie" and "Light Comes From Within") - Was a member of Wings - Her photographs have appeared in Rolling Stone magazine - She was married to Paul McCartney (They co-wrote, "Live And Let Die").

Maureen Tigrett (Maureen Starkey) (Born Mary Cox) - Died 12-30-1994 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Mylodysplasia, a form of leukemia ( Rock ) Born 8-4-1946 in Liverpool, England - (She sang backup vocals on The Beatles, "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill") - She had been married to Ringo Starr and was married to Isaac Tigrett who owned the Hard Rock Cafe chain and House of Blues.

Charlie Lennon (Charles Lennon) (aka Uncle Charlie) - Died 5-26-2002 - Developed an infection after a fall ( Singer ) Born 11-21-1918 in Liverpool, England (He composed, "Ships Of The Mersey") He sings a song on "In Their Own Words: The Lost Beatles Interviews" - He wrote the introduction for The book "The Illustrated John Lennon" - Worked with The Scott Wheeler Band - Uncle of John Lennon.

Freddie Lennon (Alfred Lennon) (aka Alf) - Died 4-1-1976 in Brighton, Sussex, England - Born 12-14-1912 in Liverpool, England - Sang and played banjo - (He did, "That's My Life (My Love And My Home)" and "The Next Time You Feel Important") - Father of singer, John Lennon

The Fourmost

Mike Millward - Died 3-?-1966 - Leukemia ( Rock ) Born 5-9-1942 in Bromborough, England - Vocalist and rhythm guitarist for The Fourmost (They did, "Everything In The Garden" and "Auntie Maggie's Remedy") - The Fourmost were also known as The Four Jays and The Four Mosts., also with Bob Evans and the five shillings

Brian O'Hara - Died 6-27-1999 - Found hanged ( Rock ) Born 3-12-1942 in Liverpool, England - Was the singer and guitarist for The Fourmost (They recorded,"A Little Loving" and "Hello Little Girl") The Fourmost were also known as The Four Jays and The Four Mosts

The Calderstones

Pete Maxwell The Calderstones

Tom Evans - Died 11-23-1983 - Hanged himself ( Rock ) Born 6-5-1947 in Liverpool, England - Was a member of Badfinger (They recorded, "Come And Get It" and "No Matter What"). The Calderstones

Steve Day and the Drifters

Steve Day (Rod Punt )vocals Steve Day and The Drifters died 2000 with cancerm also went out as a comedian called Steve MacKenzie.

The Dusty Road Ramblers Bob Kelly Dusty Rd Ramblers

The Dark Town Skifflers

Jill Martin vocals The Dark Town Skiffle

Dave McKew The Dark Town Skiffle

The Delacardoes

Rodney Day drums The Delacardoes

The Detours

Dick Yates vocals The Detours

The Drumbeats

Tommy Hansen, bass guitar The Drumbeats

The Executioners

Ray Milne rhythm guitar The Executioners

The Excerts

Tommy Shire bass guitar The Excerts, Tommy died of Cancer at an early age

Earl Royce and the Olympics

Brian Dee bass guitar Earl Royce and the Olympics

Stuart (Kenny ) Hazard rhythm guitar , Earl Royce & the Olympics a were a minor Liverpool band who were lucky enough to get swept up in the record company frenzy to cut singles with anyone from the city that could even hold an instrument. The group was formed in early 1963 by members of several other local bands,. They cut a pair of singles, "Que Sera Sera" b/w "I Really Do" and "Guess Things Happen That Way" b/w "Sure to Fall," for EMI/Columbia and Parlophone, respectively, with George Martin playing piano on the latter; neither of them charted. Those records weren't as visible internationally as their appearance in the Gerry & the Pacemakers feature film Ferry Cross the Mersey (1965), in which they're seen giving an enthusiastic performance of "Shake a Tail Feather�

Frank Bowen - Died 10-25-1967 in RAF North Luffenham, Rutland, England ( Rock ) Born 12-19-1943 in Fazackerley, Liverpool, England - Guitarist and bassist - Worked with The Teenbeats, Cliff Roberts & The Rockers, The Strangers, The Lonely Ones, Earl Royce & The Olympics, Mark Peters & The Cyclones, Howie Casey & The Seniors, Lee Curtis & The All Stars, The Pathfinders and The Trends

The Federal Five

Phil Gannon vocals The Federal Five

The Four Just men

Lally Stott lead guitar The Four Just Men/ Denny Seyton Showband Harold "Lally" Stott was a songwriter who scored a hit with the song "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". He wrote the tune, which became a #1 hit for the Scottish band Middle of the Road in the UK in 1971. Stott's own version was a hit in Italy, went to #1 in Australia for one week, and charted at #92 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.[1] Lally was killed in a bike accident in 1977.

Hobsons Choice

Paul (Lash) Goolie vocalist. Hobsons Choice

The Harlems

Vinny Ismael lead guitarist The Harlems

Brendan McCormack lead guitar The Harlems , Memphis Three, became a great classical guitarist

Howie Casey and the Seniors

Frank Wibberley drums Howie Casey and the Seniors

Derry Wilkie - Died 12-22-2001 ( Rock ) Born 1-10-1941 in Liverpool, England - Singer - Member of Derry And The Seniors, Derry Wilkie And The Pressmen, Derry Wilkie & The Others and Howie Casey And The Seniors

Johnny Templer and the Hi Cats

Roy Woods rhythm guitar Johnny Templer and the Hi Cats

Stan Smith lead guitar died July 2008 Johnny Templer and the Hi Cats later The Everglades

The Incas

Bob Martin bass guitar The Incas

Alf Anslow drums The Incas

Johnny Gus Set Daryl Dugdale keyboards Johnny Gus Set

Johnny Ringo and The Colts

Fred (JR) Farquar rhythm/vocals

Jeannie and the Big Guys

Rita (Jeannie)Hughes vocals Jeannie and the Big Guys were a Chester quintet, originally called Four Hits & A Miss, the "Miss" being teenaged lead singer Rita Hughes, the daughter of a Chester pub owner, who fronted the group as lead singer for a year or so. As Four Hits and A Miss, their repertory included songs like "Lullaby of Birdland." They became the hottest group in Chester and were signed to Pye in 1963, when Hughes was 17, changing their name to Jeannie and the Big Guys in the process. They cut "Boys" by the Shirelles, which they'd likely heard the Beatles perform, and "Sticks and Stones, " an old Ray Charles number, but saw no chart action. They had a pretty fair Mersey-style r&b sound, but the group broke up when "Jeannie" exited, after a dispute over dressing room decorum, according to the music press of the period, moving over to front Earl Royce and the Olympics, a Liverpool band led by Billy Kelly aka Earl Royce (but never recording with them), before going solo-she cut a pair of singles, "A Love Like Yours" and "Lonely City Blue Boy, " under the name Cindy Cole. She later became a successful cabaret artist in her home town, before passing away in 1989

Kenny Johnson and Northwind

Bobby Arnold lead guitar Kenny Johnson's Northwind, Bobby one of the most well respected Country guitarist on Merseyside

The Kruzads

Fat Larry Coulson vocals The Kruzads also Merseysides version of the Fat larry band, Larry was a larger than life character

Eddie Hill bass guitar The Kruzads

Sonny Kaye and the Reds

Sonny Kaye (FrankKeenan) vocals Sonny Kaye and The Reds

Paddy Mullen bass guitar Sonny Kaye and The Reds

The Mops

Tony Baker lead gtr The Mops a band I really liked but I never got their line up

The Mojos

Bob Conrad (John Conrad) Great drummer just listen to those Mojo singles, Everythings Alrightïetc The Mojos (renamed from 'The Nomads') are a beat group from the 1960s, best known today for their hit British single, "Everything's Alright". In spite of having one of the best reputations among the Liverpool scene,"Everything's Alright" remained their only major hit, with only two other singles charting low in the UK Singles Chart in 1964, and not at all elsewhere. At the time of their hit, "Everything's Alright", the band consisted of lead singer Stuart James (born Stuart Leslie James Slater, 14 July 1945, Liverpool), lead guitarist Nicky Crouch (born Nicholas Crouch, 9 February 1943, at 11 Balmoral Road, Aintree, Liverpool), pianist Terry O'Toole (born Terence O'Toole, 20 December 1941, Liverpool), bassist Keith Karlson (born Keith Alcock, 14 August 1944, Liverpool) and drummer Jon Konrad (born 14 August 1944, Liverpool). Like many other British bands of the period the Mojos played at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany.

Tuni Allcock long time wife of Mojos bass player Keith Karlson

Majority Plus

Colin Fitzgibbon keyboards Majority Plus

The Merseybeats

John Banks drums The Merseybeats John was a big influence on me and I was in good company he was also an influence on Keith Moon (the Who), he died abroad and a quickly convened tribute show took place, and with the attendance being so many Merseybeat legends they had the Idead from this are forming the Merseycats to do charity on Merseyside. The Merseybeats had an effective stage presence, sporting frilly shirts, bolero jackets, and a mass of rings on their fingers, and provoked an enthusiastic response from their female fans.

Signed to Fontana in '63, their debut 45 was a cover of The Shirelles' romantic ballad "It's Love That Really Counts", it didn't climb very far up the charts, but it sold 100,000 copies over a period of time. The follow-up, in a similar vein, was a Peter Lee Stirling composition "I Think Of You", this time they made the top five.

The Markfour

Derek Shaw lead guitar The Markfour

Thursdays Children

Gill Martin The Merseysippi Jazz band also vocalist with Thursdays Children


Cliff White sax The Nitelife

Larry Downey lead guitar The Nitelife


Les Evans singer/guitarist, of Nashville one of the nicest guys in the business and a good frienddied of cancer at Clatterbridge Hospital,22nd Jan 2008

Bobby Stafford (Tambling ) drums Sadly we have now lost the drummer of Nashville, He was a good friend and I will miss him Keep Rockin up there

Scott Wheeler the Boston/Scouser Died on stage back home in USA 2008 '

The Pressmen

Bob Pears bass guitar

Karl Denver Trio

Karl Denver ( Angus Murdo Mckenzie ) - Died 12-21-1998 ( R&B - World ) Born 12-16-1931 in Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland - Singer - (He did, "Can You Forgive Me" and a version of "Wimoweh") - (Recorded, "Lazyitis" with Happy Mondays) - Played on the same bill with The Beatles and Billy Fury

Kevin Neill lead guitar, died 12 Mar 2010. Kevin who worked with Karl denver Trio for over 26 years, recording on all the Trio's hits, enjoyed a phenominal career.
He also toured with Johnny Ray 1954, accompanied Vera Lynn, Frankie Vauaghan, Frankie Laine and toured with Anthony Newley. Kevin played with Eric Winstone, Vic Lewis bands, BBC Midland Orchestra and with Joe Loss at Princess Margaret's Buckingham Palace wedding ball and a Royal Command Performance. He also played trombone in the 1950s with Don Lang and the Frantic Five and on Lord Rockinhgham's hit recording Hoots Mon.In recent years he was one third of John Stokes Bachelors with whom I'm told he last appeared at Lincoln in July, 2009 at onset of his illness. Kevin was an examiner, Electric Guitar, at The London School of Music

The Prowlers

Mal Corum drums The Prowlers

The Pressure Points

Greg Reece rhythm guitar The Rapides,The Pressure Points ,Greg was in the first band I ever played in he dressed so old fashioned apart from his Beatle boots, He was a great singer that was a loss to the entertainment World. his big song was "Blowiin the wind" sang in TOP C. I tried to find him many times, then I read of his death in The Runcorn Weekly News from a car crash.

Vince Taylor and the Playboys/Beat boys/Rave on

Kenny Fillingham lead guitar Rave on /Vince Taylor and the Playboys The Beat Boys

Deke Rivers and the Big Sound

Deke Rivers singer

Randell, Lynne.Lynne was born in Liverpool in 1950 and at the age of two was singing on a Liverpool train, which impressed a passenger so much he gave her two shillings to sing another song!

She was five when her family relocated to Australia and settled in the Melbourne suburb of Murrumbeena. Her debut single was �I�ll Come Running Over�, issued in February 1965 and Lynne was then taken to Sydney to become a regular on the pop show �The Go!! Show.�

She recorded two more hits that year and in 1966 signed to CBS Records, at the time she was known as �Australia�s First Teen Star�. More hits followed rapidly, including �Heart�, �That�s What Love Is Made Of� and �Going Out Of My Head.� Her success led her to tour internationally and she starred in �The Ed Sullivan Show� in 1966.

Lynn was also to return to Liverpool that year, where she performed at the Cavern.

In 1967 she signed to Epic Records in America and had an international hit with �Ciao Baby�. Lynne was to tour with the Monkees (and had a short relationship with Davy Jones) with Jimi Hendrix and Ike & Tina Turner also on the bill.

When she returned to Australia, Lynne became addicted to slimming pills but she was also to have another Australian hit following the success of �Ciao Baby� (which reached No. 6 in the charts) with �That�s A Hoe Down.�

She married record company executive Abe Hoch the following year and 1969 saw the release of Lynne�s final single �I Love My Dog� on Capitol Records.

For a time she became a music journalist for Go-Set magazine, interviewing artists such as Jim Morrison and in 1972 gave birth to a son, Jamieson.

The family moved to London in 1976, where Lynne�s addiction continued. She recalled, �I�d go to doctors in Harley Street. You�d pay and they�d shovel the polls out of a shoebox with a lolly scoop and put them in a tin.�

She used to hold lavish parties with guests who included George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elton John and Dusty Springfield.

However, by the end of the decade the addiction had begun to dominate her life and affected her marriage to the extent that the couple divorced and Lynne returned to Melbourne in 1980 where she worked as a PA to Ian Meldrum, a well-known Australian music industry figure.

She began to appear in revival tours, but her reliance on pills caused her to make her addiction public in 2004.

Her body was found at her home in Toorak, Melbourne on 8 June 2007, although there were no suspicious circumstances; she had suffered from ill health for a long time. She was 57 years old.

Sadly, her only child Jamieson Hoch died of a brain hemorrhage the following month on 24 July.

Red Mountain Skiffle

Roy Kelly guitar The Red Mountain Skiffle Band

The Ramrods/ The sensors

Colin Gilmour drummer The Riverside Brass also with Cavern bands The Ramrods and the Sensors

The Rhythm and Blues Inc

Barry Tweedle drummer died June 2006 Rhythm and Blues Inc

The Hideaways

John Shell USA born bass player of the Hideaways who had to go to Vietnam to do his stint in the U S Army, sadly he died doing his duty

The Shufflers

Mike Kearns sax The Shufflers

The Strettons

John (Jack) Clarke drums died of motor neurone, The Strettons

The Toreadors

Tommy Longman drums The Toreadors

The Tropics

Albert Gibb The Tropics

The Vocals

Les Herdman bass guitar The Vocals and the Bogus Undertakers

Vince Earl and the Talismen

Geoff Pollitt lead guitar Vince Earl and the Talismen

Freddie and the Dreamers

Freddie Garrity - Died 5-19-2006 in Bangor, Wales ( Skiffle - Pop ) Born 11-14-1936 or 1940 in Manchester, England - Singer - Was a member of The Red Sox, The John Norman Four, The Kingfishers and Freddie & The Dreamers (They did, "I'm Telling You Now" and "Do The Freddie").

Russ Hamilton (Ronald Hulme) - Died 10-11-2008 in Buckley, North Wales ( Pop ) Born 1-19-1932 in Everton, Liverpool, Englabd - Singer - (He did, "We Will Make Love" and "Rainbow"). scored Top 10 hits in Britain and the United States in the late 1950s.
Ronnie was born in Liverpool and became a Butlin�s Redcoat at its Clacton camp. His big break came when he was in a Redcoat troupe which recorded at Oriole�s London studio. He also recorded two of his own songs.
The result was the 1957 single, We Will Make Love, with the poignant lines: �When the sun takes the place of the moon in the sky, we'll go on a journey, you and I, to a far distant land, where our dreams were planned, in the clouds up above we will make love.�
Oriole released it as a single, under the name Russ Hamilton. It reached number two in the UK chart, selling a million for a gold disc. The flip-side, Rainbow, was a US number four. Russ was in huge demand for a while, appearing alongside major stars such as Perry Como but the following single, Wedding Ring, only scraped into the UK Top 20.
After that the hits dried up, but Russ continued to record fine songs for a several years and then settled in a flat in Buckley, North Wales, occasionally complaining that he had seen very little of the money he had earned for others.

Lita Roza (Lilian Patricia Lita Roza) - Died 8-14-2008 - Born 3-14-1926 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England - Singer - (She did, "(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?" and "Hey There") - Worked with Edmundo Ros, The Harry Roy Orchestra and The Ted Heath Band - Was the first British female singer to top the UK singles charts. The public know the Liverpool singer Lita Roza for one song above all others, the children's novelty "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" However, that doggie was her b�te noire: she was talked into recording the song and did not consider it representative of her work. There were few to rival her real talent as a sultry and sophisticated interpreter of romantic ballads.
In 1951, Roza recorded "Allentown Jail" with the Ted Heath band. Although record sales were not then collated, it was undoubtedly her first hit, as the song rose high in the sheet-music charts. After "Allentown Jail", her A&R man, Dick Rowe, asked her to sing "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" and Roza replied, "I'm not recording that, it's rubbish." She recalled, "He said, 'It'll be a big hit, please do it, Lita.' I said that I would sing it once and once only and then I would never sing it again, and I haven't. The only time you'll hear it is on that record."
Even when the record was No 1, no one could persuade Lita to perform her hit, but it did lead to her recording several unsuitable songs. She was appreciated as much for her stunning looks as for her voice and she topped the Melody Maker poll for Favourite Female Vocalist from 1951 to 1955, and a similar one in the New Musical Express from 1952 to 1955.
In 1954, Roza left the Ted Heath band and started working as a solo act: "I would be singing with pit orchestras, who were usually dreadful," she said. "It was like going to the knacker's yard although I always carried my own pianist." In 1955, Lita had hits with two songs she liked � "Hey There" and "Jimmy Unknown" � and then sang "A Tear Fell" on a charity single for the Lord's Taverners Association, which made No 2. She recorded albums of standards, Listening in the Afterhours (1955) and Love is the Answer (1956).
She had recorded another fine album, Me On a Carousel, for Pye in 1958, as well as a stream of variable singles, the better ones including "Volare" and "I Could Have Danced All Night". After leaving Pye in 1960, Roza recorded only sporadically

Arthur Brindle One Armed drummer a great friend and fellow polio victim. Died of cancer, was a great table tennis player at the Paralympics.

Reginald (Red) Price 1926 (1933), Liverpool d. 7.2.1984 (1987), Hong Kong, (Lord Rockingham's XI, The New Orleans Rockers, The Red Price Combo, The Red Price Band).

Ian Hamer - Died 9-3-2006 in Brighton ( Jazz ) Born 9-11-1932 in Liverpool, England - Trumpeter, composer and bandleader - Was a member of Mrs Wilf Hamer's Band - Worked with Carl Barriteau, Oscar Rabin, Vic Lewis, The Kirchin Brothers, Tubby Hayes ("Night In Tunisia"), The Beatles ("Got To Get You Into My Life"), Bing Crosby, Tom Jones, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand, James Last, Matt Munroand, Kenny Wheeler, Eric Delaney, Jack Parnell, John Dankworth, Harry South, Joe Harriott, Mike Gibbs, Barbara Thompson, The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Band and Ted Heath - Worked on Top Of The Pops for over 20 years.

Michael Holliday (26 November 1924 � 29 October 1963[1]) was a British singer (real name Norman Alexander Milne) popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s, who sang in a very similar style to Bing Crosby.He had a string of chart hits in the pre-Beatles era in the UK, including two number one singles, "The Story of My Life" and "Starry Eyed".Michael Holliday was born in Liverpool and brought up in St Agnes Road, off Melrose Road, situated in an area of north Liverpool called Kirkdale. His career in music began by winning an amateur talent contest, �New Voices of Merseyside�, at the Locarno Ballroom, West Derby Road, Newsham, Liverpool. Then, while working as a seaman in the Merchant Navy, Michael was persuaded to enter a talent contest at Radio City Music Hall in New York and again, he won. This inspired him to seek a career in show business. In 1951 he secured two summer season�s work as a vocalist with Dick Denny's band at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Pwllheli

Holliday suffered from stage fright and had a mental breakdown in 1961; he committed suicide two years later, dying from a suspected drugs overdose in Croydon, Surrey.[3] His grave is at Anfield Cemetery, Priory Road, Liverpool

Bobby Willis - Died 10-23-1999 - Pneumonia ( Manager ) Born 1942 - Was husband and manager of pop star Cilla Black (She did,"Anyone Who Had a Heart'' and `You're My World").

Norman Vaughan - Died 5-17-2002 in east London, England - After being hit by a car ( Comedian ) Born 4-10-1927 in Liverpool, England (He had a hit with,"Swinging In The Rain") He hosted TV's, Sunday Night At The London Palladium which featured such stars as Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra - Acted in the movie, Hear My Song.

Billy Fury (Ronald William Wynchley) - Died 1-28-1983 - Heart disease ( Rockabilly - Pop ) Born 4-17-1941 in Liverpool, England - (He recorded, "Collette" and "Jealousy").

Frankie Vaughan (Francis Abelson) - Mr. Moonlight - Died 9-17-1999 ( Pop ) Born 2-3-1928 in Liverpool, England (He did,"Give me the Moonlight" and "Green Door").

John Peel ( John Robert Parker Ravenscoft) - Died 10-25-2004 in Cuzco, Peru - Heart attack ( DJ - Music Promoter ) Born 8-30-1939 in Heswall near Chester, England - He was BBC's longest serving radio DJ - First DJ to introduce U2, Roxy Music, The Smiths, The Fall, Rod Stewart, Blur, The Sex Pistols, T-Rex and others to the masses - Founded Dandelion Records which released records by Gene Vincent, Lol Coxhill and Kevin Coyne - Maybe best known for his, "Peel Sessions" releases of live radio broadcasts of different music groups.

Hal Carter (Harold Carter Burrows) - Died 7-13-2004 in London, England ( Manager - Agent - Producer ) Born 7-13-1935 in Liverpool, England - (He composed, "Come On And Twist") - Worked with Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, The Liverpool Express, Coast To Coast and The Kinks

Charles Comer - Died 2-11-1999 - Complications due to diabetes - Born 1935 in Liverpool, England - Music publicist and promoter - Help to start the careers of Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Chieftians and Marianne Faithful Promoted the first Beatles album - Represented Bob Marley, John Lennon and The Rolling Stones.

Fritz Spiegl - Died 3-23-2003 in Liverpool, England ( Broadcaster - Composer ) Born 1-27-1926 in Zurndorf, Austria - Flautist - He and his 1st wife, Bridget Fry composed the theme music for TV's police series, Z Cars - Worked with The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and founded The Liverpool Music Group even arranging Beatles' songs for string quartet

Kenny Everett - Died 4-4-1995 - A.I.D.S. ( D.J. - Comedian - Novelty ) Born 12-25-1944 - Was a D.J. for pirate, independent and BBC radio stations - (He recorded,"It's Been So Long" and "Snot Rap").

Pete McGovern (Peter John McGovern) - Died 4-1-2006 in Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd ( Folk ) Born 10-28-1927 in Liverpool, England - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Rent Collecting In Speke" and "I'm Gettin' Brassed Off With Me Dad).

George Melly (Alan George Heywood the jazz singer, author and raconteur has died aged 80 (5 June 2007)
Melly leched, drank and blasphemed his way around the clubs and pubs of the British Isles and provided pleasure to the public for five decades. His involvement in jazz was born out of a romantic nostalgia for a golden age of brothel music. Appearing in the 1950s with Mick Mulligan�s Magnolia band and later for nearly three decades with John Chilton�s Feetwarmers, "Good time George" followed a well-established routine of singing numbers from the 1920s (his foremost influences being Bessie Smith, Fats Waller and Jelly Roll Morton) interspersed with camp asides and bawdy anecdote

Billy (Elvis) Helms One Liverpool's First Elvis Impersonators I joined Billy as drummer in the 70s had a few rehearsals and decided I didn't really want to play Elvis in Las Vegas Style, But I found him to be a really nice guy, and am sad to hear of his untimely death by accident in Ireland

Maroulla Stepanades Former Member of the Merseycats Committee, she was a hard workin lady for the Cats and was always there for everybody, she was very kind to Me when i first joined Merseycats. She was a Big Cliff Richard fan and travelled when she could to see him in concert. But also this lady and I say lady with affection loved all the guys and girls that played Merseybeat, she will be missed by all who loved her.

Doug Martin promoter

Ted knibbs manager of first Billy Kramer then Chick Graham

Jim Ireland promoter

Charlie McBain promoter


Bob Aurzidia reporter radio

Geoff Leack manager Tiffanys Dimensions
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Re: Mersey List of losses

Postby chimbo65 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:41 pm

Thanks so much for that great info.
Also very sad we have lost these wonderful people.
By the way,Colin Manley of The Remo Four was a friend of mine.
Colin was born in 1942,not 43.
All the best
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